Jobs For Kenyans

Experienced Tech Writers


The Android Authority family is the fastest growing team dedicated to all things tech. It’s not just smartphones that we’re interested in! We have a collection of sister sites dedicated to everything from electric cars to virtual reality. Whether you’re into headphones, laptops, green technology, or smarthomes, we need you!

Every month, we create content for a rapidly expanding audience of more than 40 million hardcore techies and casual consumers. And we need help!

We need content creators across the board. Writers, videographers, developers, designers… If you make high quality stuff, we want to see it! We want your passion and creativity for whatever tech you love in whatever medium you excel at!


Personality! Tech is human, but tech-related content is often as cold and hard as a smartphone.

We want humor, warmth, and enthusiasm for news articles, opinion pieces, product reviews and comparisons, event coverage, and more!

This is a work-from-home job. Or from Starbucks, if you prefer. All we care about is getting high-quality content from tech-savvy creators. We don’t even care if you wear pants (although Starbucks might, if you spring for that locale).


Nobody lives quite like our team members. These positions allow an incredible degree of freedom, and many of us are globe trotters who take ‘work-cations’ and continue to contribute content from wherever our journeys take us.

Our company culture is also very unique. The team is close-knit, and a sense of ‘one for all and all for one’ runs through us all. This might sound strange coming from a tech publisher, but we’re a company that’s very much built on love.

Compensation will vary based on the role you’re applying for, your work experience, and the quality of your contributions. We need a whole lot more people, because there’s just too much going on in the tech world right now for us to cover all of it!




We have a simple form to fill out on our site at
You have the option to include a YouTube video URL with your application. And we’re going to be honest, we give preferential consideration to applications that include this video.
Production quality isn’t a big deal (unless you’re applying to be a videographer, of course). We just want to know a little bit about you and what you’re interested in, and a video is a great way to do that.
Since personality is such an important part of these roles, be sure to put that in a spotlight! Let us know what kind of technology you’re on fire about and what kind of creativity you can bring to the team!