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Looking for Fitness/Nutrition Writers


We’re looking for a self-starting fitness & nutrition writer that can write engaging content for male and female audiences.  Our company creates custom tailored fitness and nutrition plans from registered dietitians and certified personal trainers.  We focus on holistic health and people who live a busy lifestyle with limited access to a 10-hour prep day or a completely vegan high maintenance diet. No specialized equipment, just pure results.

For the right candidates we would rely on you for:

Blog posting – we would be looking for someone who uses headlines and imagery effectively that isn’t afraid to link to other fantastic content.  We will be looking to drive significant traffic from this content and your working knowledge of SEO and social media strategies will go a long way. (~1000 words/post. ~$100 a post)

Press releases – frequently we submit inquiries for media and interact with other bloggers, journalists and influencers in our industry. Someone that is organized and responsive could help us stay on top of this (depends on level of input)

Social media content – Understanding what works on the major social media platforms and being able to integrate it into content map is vital for our growth strategy. (depends on level of input)

I’m happy to answer any questions you have directly via email before or after you submit your application.

We want congruency in our writers so that we can both adapt to each other and maximize the number of people we help reach their fitness goals.



  1. Can hire several writers if they’re rockstars
  2. Will pay around $100 per blog post (subject to change based on experience and quality)
  3. Would prefer a well rounded writer capable of writing for social media and press release
  4. Apply by email via





Please write an email to me directly at and

1. Tell us a little about you personally, where you live, and what interested you in this posting
2. Tell us about your experience with health/fitness and blogging.
3. Could you provide us a link to an article you’ve written, attach a writing sample, or write us a sample article for the type of article you’d write for our company?