Jobs For Kenyans



The Full Bird ( is a news website that presents the news from both sides of the aisle in one simple, engaging platform. It’s our hope that it can be a place where people can come interact with ideas they would otherwise not be presented with, while also getting a quick overview of the day’s news from multiple perspectives.

We noticed a troubling trend with two increasingly isolated media markets emerging, one for the right and one for the left. They often don’t have much knowledge of what the other actually believes or what their major stories are. Our goal is to bring the top stories from across the spectrum to one easy-to-navigate site. Under the left, blue wing of the bird are the day’s top stories from a left-wing perspective, and under the right, red wing are the top stories from the right. We also write commentary of our own for the site.

The site is new and will be fighting with many others for eyes. It is a unique platform so we hope it can stand out. At the moment, there is no funding for positions, so they would be volunteer. You can feel free to advertise your services in your bio and if the site continues to grow there will be paying positions.

How to apply

The requirements of the position are superior writing and editing skills, a developed personal philosophy on politics, a knowledge of current events, and the ability to work independently and as a team, as necessary. If interested, please respond to with a resume, a writing sample and whether you would best fit on the left or right wing. Use the same email address for any questions. Also, please make clear which of the following positions you would be most interested in doing:

– Managing Editor (for left or right) – makes sure articles and links are getting posted as scheduled then sends short weekly report to Publisher.

– Social Media Director (main Twitter and Facebook pages and newsletter) – retweets and shares posts from both left and right wing social media pages, plus shares top headlines of the day and does a daily Twitter poll, etc. Also, will help set-up a weekly newsletter.

– Section Editors (for left or right for politics, culture, or international) – we have people in place but not for all sections. This position edits the monthly articles of the others in their section and encourages them to post their links and write their articles.

– Contributors (for all sides and sections) – simply post two links to your section (eg. Right wing international section) that you think are the top stories of the day, and monthly write one original piece.