Jobs For Kenyans

Bloggers with Expertise


We’re hiring for premium content from experts across several subjects for a portfolio of websites we manage. We publish high quality content that educates and entertains our audience, being an “accessible expert”. Areas currently under consideration:

-Home and Garden
-Family and Parenting
-Fitness and Health
-Electronics (audio primarily)

If you have deep expertise in a field, we want to hear from you!

How to apply

Please include the following in your email application so we can manage the volume of applications expected:

Subject: “Writer – your areas of expertise” e.g. “Writer – Golf” or

Links to your long form in-depth work (2500 words and up generally) in the topic such as relevant published content. Links, including dropbox links, are preferred over attachments. If you’d like to share social profiles where you’ve established your expertise, please feel free to share (relevant forums, reddit, social media, etc.).

Your minimum rate per 1000 words in this format “My rate is $XX per 1000 words”. Topics requiring extra research outside of your expertise will be paid accordingly but we are looking for experts who can write naturally without excessive research.