Jobs For Kenyans

Finance Blogger


We’re looking for someone to write interesting and helpful articles for our popular personal finance site on an ongoing basis. The site provides various types of loans, credit cards, and related personal financial services, with articles similar to the following:

Does Your Credit Card Company Love You?

How to Get an Unsecured Personal Loan

– 2-3 sentences per paragraph, never more than 4
– 1000 to 1500 words
– One ‘content upgrade’ or lead magnet included (
– Close with an invitation for feedback or call to action (see #12
– Include internal links to past blogs
– include links to recent blogs or studies to provide support or further educate consumers (at least 4- good links with high Alexa ratings)
– Inclusive
– Accessible
– Informative
– Educational
– Overcome struggles
– Reflect unique angle (ie: instead of “How to write a good blog post” the title could be “How to write a good blog post when you don’t want to”- makes a post unique- see explanation at #4 of the following link
– Answer a question
– Think about what someone would search for in Google to find that article
– Must include at least one relevant image
– Include additional images where relevant to break up large boxes of text
General Content Notes:
– Each point must be backed up by case studies or data, make sure you link to the source
– Attach any available graphs and charts for the data points
– Need to always clarify why readers need to know the point



Please email with several writing samples and a short description of what interests you about personal finance.