Jobs For Kenyans

Digital Content Writer – Internship


We are, where males and females of all ages come together to collaborate and clash. Contribute, earn experience (we call it “Xper”), level up, and grow your friend network!

Beyond the thousands of questions and polls, asked and answered by real people, we also have the myTakes. These are articles where users can create their own content on any topic under the sun. Those who contribute quality on a consistent basis are recognized with the Editor tag…think you’ve got what it takes?

This is the perfect gig for students looking to major in a writing field, such as creative writing or journalism. You simply have to produce a few myTakes per week, and you will receive expert guidance and instruction from an 18-year veteran of the trade. This will give you a leg up in the fastest growing writing field in the world: Digital Content. Remember, writing digital content isn’t like writing essays in school!

This is an unpaid internship but the friends you will make and the experience you will earn is absolutely worth it.

We encourage you to write whatever you want to write and remember, we spread your work on our social media, so you receive both assistance AND visibility. Get rolling now!



First, head to and check things out. Creating a profile takes seconds. Make sure to see which articles (myTakes) are Promoted and Featured on the site, so you have a better idea of what we expect from you.

Then, just email the Content Manager at bendutka[at] and explain why you think this internship is right for you. It would also help if you tossed up a myTake that you can show off!